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Bill Gates

William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born in Seattle, Washington, October 28, 1955, age 61) is an American businessman, investor, philanthropist, writer and former CEO who currently serves as chairman of Microsoft, software company Which he co-founded with Paul Allen. He was ranked among the world's richest people and ranked first from 1995 to 2009, excluding 2008 when he dropped to third.

Gates is one of the world's most famous personal computer revolution entrepreneurs. However, his business tactics were criticized for being anti-competitive. In the latter stages of his career, Gates undertook several philanthropic efforts by donating large sums of money to charitable organizations and scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation established in 2000.

Bill Gates resigned from his position as the highest executive officer at Microsoft in January 2000. He still serves as chairman and forms the chief software architect's office. In June 2006, Gates announced that he would work part-time at Microsoft and full-time at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He gradually delegated all his work to Ray Ozzie, chief software architect, and Craig Mundie, Microsoft's top research and strategy officer. Gates's last full-time workday at Microsoft is June 27, 2008. Currently, he still works at Microsoft as non-executive chairman.

history of flash disk

Discovery of Flash Memory (NOR and NAND) by Dr. Fujio Masuoka in 1984 while working on Toshiba while his own flash name was given by his collegues. Shoji Ariizumi. The NOR flash type chip that was traded was introduced by intel in 1988. NOR flash is a basic flash that takes a long time to delete and write, but provides full address and data path, giving random access to all memory locations. But it is great to replace the old model ROM, where it is possible to update the stored program code.

Missing Since 1983, World Cup Original Trophies Discovered

The Jules Rimet trophy for the lost World Cup champion in Brazil in 1983 was found in the basement of the World Football Association (FIFA) headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The 'Jules Rimet' Greek-shaped trophy is a trophy awarded to World Cup winners from 1930 to 1970. The trophy name is taken from the name of former FIFA president Jules Rimet, who served from 1921 to 1954. 'Jules Rimet' later Replaced by a World Cup trophy in the form of two human figures carrying the globe since 1974 until today.

Previously, the trophy was also lost in 1966, before the World Cup held in England. Luckily, a week later the trophy was found by a dog named Pickles in London. Mystery loss of the trophy 'Jules Rimet' is confusing to many people. Many say, if no FIFA president has ever seen the trophy besides the Jules Rimet himself.

Allegedly, the thief has melded the gold-plated trophy.ESPN also had time to make a documentary about the mystery trophy 'Jules Rimet' entitled 'Mysteries of the Rimet Trophy.

history of camera

The camera starts from a similar device known as Camera Obscura which is a camera box that has not been equipped with a movie to capture images or shadows. In the 16th century Girolamo Cardano equipped the camera obscura with a lens on the front of the camera obscura. Nevertheless, the shadow produced was not durable, so the discovery of Girolamo has not been considered a world of photography. In 1727 Johann Scultze in his study found that silver salt is very sensitive to light but he has not found the concept of how to move forward his ideas.

In 1826, Joseph Nicepore Niepce published images of his camera's shadow, a blurry image of the roofs of a house on a slab of leaded tin mixture which became known as the first photograph. Then, in 1839, Louis Daguerre published his findings in the form of images produced from the shadow of a street in Paris on a silver-plated copper plate. Daguerre who held a partnership in 1829 with Niepce went on camera development program, although Niepce died in 1833, developed a camera known as daguerreotype camera that is considered practical in the world of photography, where in return for his findings, the French Government gave the prize of life pension to Daguerre and the Niepce family. The daguerreotype camera then developed into a camera developed now.

Point Blank

Point Blank is an FPS-style computer game played online. The game was developed by Zepetto from South Korea and published by Zepetto. In addition to South Korea, this game has its own server in several countries such as Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, United States, and Peru. In Indonesia, this game is managed by Garena.

Point Blank is about the feud between Free Rebels and the government which in this case is Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force).

Saman Dance

Saman Dance is a Gayo Tribe dance that is usually performed to celebrate important events in adat. Poetry in saman dance using Gayo Language. In addition, this dance is usually performed to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. In some literatures mention saman dance in Aceh was established and developed by Syekh Saman, a scholar from Gayo in Southeast Aceh. Saman Dance was set by UNESCO as the List of Intellectual Cultural Heritage Representative in the Sixth Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of UNESCO's Unconscious objects in Bali, November 24, 2011.

Rapa'i Geleng

Rapa'i Geleng is an Acehnese ethnic dance originating from the Southern part of Aceh precisely Manggeng, which is now in the area of Aceh Barat Daya district. Rapa'i Geleng was developed by an anonymous person in South Aceh. Rapa'i Geleng game is also included a dance movement that symbolizes the uniformity attitude in terms of cooperation, togetherness, and full cohesiveness in the community environment. This dance expresses the dynamics of society in the sung sung, costumes and basic motion of Meuseukat Dance element.

This type of dance is meant for men. Usually who play this dance there are 12 men who have been trained. The poem is socialization to the community about how to live in society, religion and solidarity are upheld.

nutmeg cake

In other districts in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province it is rare and can not even find this one fruit, some say nutmeg tree can only grow and bear fruit in both districts, whether it is true or just an argument.

Nutmeg plantations in this area has been famous for a long time, even during the Dutch colonial period of nutmeg plantations have been in the effort by the local community. According to the original history of nutmeg seedlings planted in this area brought from the Maluku islands which is the origin of this endemic plant of Indonesia. Many communities open nutmeg plantations due to the prospect of price, a very promising market, but also taking care of it does not require many things in particular.

Talking about food and beverage based on nutmeg. Tapaktuan is the place, Because this area is famous for the craftsmen candied and nutmeg cakes because of the easy to get raw materials are indeed abundant in this area. Nutmeg cake for example how to make it spelled out very unique because each cake carved in the form of flowers such as roses, jasmine and other types of flowers. So that the appearance becomes very interesting and certainly has a distinctive taste and delicious.
There is a reason why in South Aceh and in Aceh Barat Daya there is a nutmeg-shaped monument. That's because nutmeg trees grow a lot and naturally in this area. Nutmeg is one of the spices that are also useful for food seasoning as well as medicine. If the flesh is made into various types of cakes, then the seeds are distilled and produce nutmeg oil is widely used as an ingredient of making ointments, herbs, and flavoring in certain types of drugs.
Speaking of price issues, for raw nutmeg / wet it is priced Rp. 20.000 / kg and once the harvest can reach hundreds of kilograms, for dry nutmeg Rp. 50.000-60.000 / kg, while for the mace or people of South Aceh often call dry cassava flowers can reach the price of Rp. 100.000 / kg, and for the oil Rp. 700.000-800.000 / kg it depends on the quality. If the price of cake, such as nutmeg cake for Rp. 10.000 / pack small while the sweets can reach Rp. 40.000 / Bottle. If you look at the prospect of this exciting price, it is appropriate today that nutmeg tree is a prima donna plant of the people of South Aceh, this is due to the high prices of both food products, fruits and oil.

If you are curious about the taste, how the nutmeg or how to make the cake, I suggest you to visit Tapaktuan Town or Blangpidie, there you can find many shops selling sweets, dodol, syrup, nutmeg oil and others as gifts Souvenir to take home.

gayo coffe

Gayo coffee is an arabica coffee variety that became one of the leading commodities originating from Gayo Highlands, Sumatra, Indonesia. Gayo Coffee has received Fair Trade Certificate from International Trade Fair Organization on May 27, 2010, Gayo Coffee received IG certificate (Geographical Indication) submitted by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia. Then at the Special Coffee Auction Event Indonesia on October 10, 2010 in Bali, back arabica Gayo coffee earned the highest rating during cupping score. Certification and achievement is increasingly solidify the position of Gayo coffee as the world's best organic coffee.

Pliek U

One of the mainstay menu in Aceh is Kuah Pliek (Sayur Pliek U). Kuah Pliek is a mixture of several types of vegetables cooked with coconut milk. The main ingredient for cooking Kuah Pliek is Pliek U itself. This one commodity is only produced in Aceh. I do not know why it's called Pliek, and whatever that Pliek means. If we even ask the people who are still involved in the process of making Pliek U, it seems they do not know. They only understand it is the only method of processing coconut to extract the oil, which has been practiced for generations, since time immemorial. As with other local wisdom.

Here I mentioned the procedure of processing Pliek U. Not complete if you know Pliek U only from a cup of food that has been prepared in the restaurant. It's good we can see how the initial processing process, to become Pliek U and Kuah Pliek. Pliek U itself is a residue; Dregs from the extraction results. The main purpose of processing Pliek U is to extract coconut oil.

Kuah Beulangong

Kuah beulangong is a typical food of Aceh is the main ingredient can be beef, mutton, or buffalo meat mixed with jackfruit, or there is also the use of banana cured.

In contrast to sie reuboh, the ingredients and marinade are very few. Cooking soup beulangong require seasoning which is quite a lot, and almost the same as the ingredients and seasonings for cooking sauce sie kameng, such as coconut gongseng, coconut milling, red peppers, dried chili, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander gongseng, hazelnut, Galangal, and many other spices that are all ground.

How to make a broth beulangong or recipe sauce beulangong typical Aceh pretty easy. Meat that has been cut into small pieces washed and put into the big cauldron. Stir in seasoning Loveaceh.com mentioned above thoroughly, and do not forget to love the corresponding salt.

Then flush with enough water, stir again with the hand. Wait until the meat is ripe, and until the seasoning is perfect.

Prepare young jackfruit earlier or it could be added with bananas kapok which has been cut into small pieces, then put into the cauldron with the onions that have been chopped. Add more water, and leave to cook.

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